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Distribute your film, series, or short on the platform that focusses on stories well told.

Fearless for Creators is how you get your project streaming on Fearless.

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Stream Worldwide. Or Not.

Fearless streams worldwide by default giving you access to viewers across the globe, but if you have contractual obligations, we can geo-block the countries of your choosing to accommodate.

Earn royalties every time your Title is watched.

As of March 1st 2018, Fearless will begin paying $0.10 per hour viewed on the platform up to a maximum of 10, 000 hours per month.  Yes, we know that we are paying more than Amazon Video for their lowest tier – which we do because we believe that ALL creators deserve access to fair startup earnings.

Flexibility to distribute in multiple ways.

Unless you choose to make your title exclusive on Fearless, you are welcome to distribute via other methods including streaming sites, theatrical release, and film festivals.  Not only is it allowed, but we actually encourage it so that you can get the most revenue and exposure possible for your project.

**Paid channels only. We don’t accept projects available for free on sites like YouTube**

Made by Filmmakers, for Filmmakers.

Because we are filmmakers and content creators too, we understand the challenges that come with being an independent creator in today’s landscape.  Our goal is to always continue developing and optimizing our platform to help filmmakers do even more.  And our Creators are always part of the conversation.

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3 things we believe strongly in.

Inclusion & Representation

We believe that it’s important to showcase movies and shows that represent LGBTQ, women, the representation of minorities, both on screen and behind the camera.  We place an importance on Creators and projects that move our world forward – bravely and without compromise.

Unapologetic Storytelling

Every story deserves to be told – even the ones that are difficult to hear, challenge viewpoints or are considered offensive to some.  We are a platform that never censors content in any way – allowing your story to be told exactly the way you intended it.  Your film, your choices.

Story Before Budget

Independent filmmakers budgets often require them to be creative to present the projects they craft.  We encourage submissions filmed on any device, in any style, from anywhere in the world.  Our focus is on stories well-told and we have a passion for helping filmmakers who create masterpieces from nothing.

Indie doesn’t mean low-quality. It’s time we proved this.

We are working hard to ensure that Fearless is a stunning representation of the high-quality independent films and series we showcase.  Beautiful films deserve a beautiful, modern interface that stacks up to the big guys.

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Our numbers might surprise you.

In a good way.


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